Living with Diabetes

How to Combat Diabetes

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How to Combat Diabetes

Diabetes is a no alien disease these days. According to doctors, this condition is generally termed a metabolic disease which is marked by high blood glucose in a person’s body. Or if we talk in layman language, diabetes is a condition in which a person has high blood sugar.

The reason behind the cause of diabetes is if the insulin production in body is insufficient and inadequate or if the body cells do not give a proper response to the insulin produced.

In both the cases glucose obtained from the food taken is not absorbed by the blood cells which leads in the increment of piling up of the glucose content in the body which proves harmful in due course of time. Sometimes, both of the conditions come into play to disease a person with diabetes.

There are mainly two types of diabetes namely Type 1 Type 2. Type 1 is marked by the condition in which the body of a person does not produce insulin at all.

This type of diabetes is often found in a person in teenage or early adulthood, before 40 years of age. It is not a very commonly found type.

Whereas in Type 2 the body produces insulin but of an insufficient amount for the proper working of the body mechanism or sometimes when blood cells stop reacting to the insulin produced.

Is Diabetes treatable?

Type 1 diabetes is said to last for lifetime as there are no known cures discovered yet whereas according to some surveys it has been found that some patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes got rid of the symptoms with their own efforts by doing regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and controlling body weight from increasing.

However, both the types of diabetes are treatable. Type 1 diabetes is treated with usual insulin injections taken at regular intervals of time and by paying attention on diet and including exercise in the daily schedule.

Whereas patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes are able to control it with tablets, exercise and required diet. But sometimes in case of emergency insulin injections are also taken.

Where on one hand proper medication and treatment is necessary, if you develop the habit of taking some precautions by yourself, it will become quite easy to combat diabetes. Some simple ways to fight against diabetes are enumerated as follows.

Appropriate Knowledge

First and foremost what you need to do is to acquire all important information about diabetes. You should ask your doctor about the type of diabetes you are suffering from.

As complete knowledge of the disease is necessary before taking steps to treat it, therefore you should know about the peculiarities.

Also as it is known that for every disease there is a unique set of treatment to be adopted and so is the case here. After learning about the type you should consult your doctor about the possible harms and danger that you may face.

It is also advisable that you should search about measures that can be taken apart from the regular medication so as to treat your disease easily and in a cost efficient manner.

Maintain Emotional Health to Avoid Threats

You should also take care of you physical as well as emotional system so as to control diabetes. Now you must be thinking how can emotion system pose you threat or increase the impact of diabetes on your health?

You must know that stress can increase the level of sugar in your blood. Steps towards stress management should be taken so as to avoid the risk.

This can be done by mediation, deep breathing, taking walks in the fresh air, being involved with your hobbies or even by listening to music that soothes you or pleases you.

You should try to keep yourself cheerful and in a good mood to escape from the harmful effects of diabetes.

A Balanced Diet

Diet forms an important factor while you combat with diabetes. You must choose your diet very wisely if you are suffering from diabetes as it determines your health to a great extent.

You should go for those types of foods that can boost your energy and at the same time maintain the appropriate amount of sugar level in the blood.

You should rely on less fatty and high fibrous foods as they are digested slowly thereby controlling the glucose level in the blood.

You should also choose fruits over juice as they are more helpful for the patients suffering from diabetes due to good amount of fiber content.

You can also add sweets in your diet but cautiously, in an adequate amount so that it does not raise the sugar level of your blood.

Things to Avoid when Suffering from Diabetes

You should also try to avoid certain habits and activities which can pose problems for you. These include:

Smoking – As it is widely known that smoking is injurious to health but in the case of diabetes it can cause more serious problems like producing hindrance in the blood flow, increasing the risk of ulcers, aggravating the possibility of heart disease leading up to stroke, eye problems, kidney issues and can cause as serious condition as nerve damage.

Intake of alcohol – Alcohol is yet another item in the list of don’ts for diabetes. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories and carbs and therefore is undoubtedly injurious to your health as it is a very swift agent in raising your sugar level and making you feel sicker.

Junk food – Eating packaged and junk food should necessarily be stopped as they have a good amount of fats and carbohydrates that are indeed injurious to your health therefore you should not go for them.


Physical fitness is very necessary to maintain in the condition of diabetes. Some light exercises and short walks in the morning and after meal can prove quite helpful to you as this burns down the excess glucose in your blood and thus maintaining an appropriate level of sugar in the blood.

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